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Tessile Fiorentina Company chooses to produce sustainable fabrics for a safer and more responsible future in fashion.

Prato has been a market leader in the practice of regenerating textile fibers for many years and we also collaborate with a network of local producers who use recycled raw materials, obtaining textile fibers from the recycling of post consumer garments and production waste.Our sustainable fibers are regenerated wool, recycled polyester, recycled cotton, mulesing free merino wool and Moretta wool.

Regenerated wool is obtained from the recycling of post consumer garments and textile processing waste, composed in different percentages of wool. The wool regeneration technique was born in the textile district of Prato and is a tradition that has been handed down for many years.

Recycled polyester is obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles; this eco-friendly process contributes to waste disposal and it allows to obtain a light and comfortable sustainable fabric.

Recycled cotton is obtained from the recycling of old clothes or scraps of cotton processing, which are processed in order to obtain a new and completely sustainable fabric.

The mulesing free Merino wool comes from suppliers who do not use the practice of mulesing and obtain the raw material through a production process in which no animals have been mistreated.

Moretta wool is a natural wool that comes from the combination of different shades of color, the colors are the original ones of the sheep and range from white to dark brown. Moretta wool, not being dyed, is totally sustainable and its production contributes to saving water and energy and to lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Here at Tessile Fiorentina Company we also use virgin raw materials, in addition to recycled ones, we evaluate their origin and technical characteristics and combine them using innovative textile and finishing technologies.

Tessile Fiorentina

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Is based on a 3-level layering system, each layer is made up of a performance fabric that maximizes comfort, breathability and thermoregulation. These fabrics have been developed by combining innovative technologies and fibers to make them suitable for the outdoors and the most extreme sports.

LEVEL 1: Made for Comfort. Worn next to skin, the basic layer maintains comfort and promotes perspiration.

LEVEL 2: Made for Insulation. The medium level insulates the body temperature by keeping the heat in a cold environment.

LEVEL 3: Made for Protection. The outer layer is designed to ensure maximum protection from wind and rain, keeping the inner layers dry and contributing to transpiration.


Range of high quality functional fabrics, comfortable, versatile and fashionable, designed for sportswear, but also suitable for other contexts of daily life and free time.


Technolife is a line of lifestyle fabrics, in which high technical characteristics and a trendy image are combined with an eco-friendly philosophy. These are special fabrics made with recycled natural fibers (wool, cotton), recycled biodegradable artificial fibers (polyester, nylon) or bio-synthetic fibers produced from renewable natural resources.

tessile fiorentina

Our Contemporary fashion collection includes Sherpa, faux fur, boiled wool, Melton and knitwear; fabrics made with both artificial ecological fibers and natural recycled fibers. Our company was the first to produce artificial faux fur and Sherpa, experimenting with innovative textile and finishing technologies.

tessuti tecnico sostenibili

CLM 1878
CLM 1878 is the brand of the new line of technical-sustainable fabrics developed thanks to the processing of natural and biosynthetic recycled fibers, able to guarantee and maximize the performance of body thermoregulation and comfort of garments made for the most extreme amateur and competitive sports activities.


certificazione Oeko tex Standard 100
Certifications n. 16CX00061 e 064351.0
(on request)

Oeko-tex standard 100 is the certification and control standard in the textile raw materials, semi-finished and finished products sector in all processing stages, which allows to identify those products that do not present any risk to the health of the consumer.

certificazione GRS
Certificate GRS 2019-118
(on request)

Is the certification that identifies products obtained from recycled materials and manufacturing activities, certifying the commitment of companies to comply with environmental and social criteria throughout the production chain.

certificazione RWS
Responsible Wool Standard
Certified (RWS)

Is the certification that guarantees the origin of wool from farms managed in compliance with stringent criteria aimed at the well-being and quality of life of the animal and the territory.

Our History



In 1958 Mario Becagli founds Tessile Fiorentina, from the idea that a circular machine for the production of pile fabrics, seen during a trip to the United States, could produce an innovative fabric: the ecological fur.Tessile Fiorentina by Mario Becagli & Co. soon becomes a S.p.a. and continues to grow, becoming a reference point for the Italian and international textile market.



In the 70s the Prato-based company invents a particular process that allows diversification in production and an expansion of the offer, thus giving life to the new line of boiled wool fabrics.



In the 80s, the fleece spreads to American markets ,a fabric with exceptional technical characteristics, suitable for dealing with extreme climatic situations. Tessile Fiorentina immediately realizes its potential and it specializes in its production, thus managing to establish itself on world markets.In the following years, Tessile Fiorentina fine-tunes the production of coated, bonded and fake leathers, sectors that are still in constant evolution today.



Today a new generation of Becagli leads the company, bringing the lifeblood of the new millennium to a tradition that has been able to build a reality on intuition, craftsmanship and passion.


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